Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Dual Battery Install - Part 3

Now that the dual battery mounting tray is installed, the next step is installing the battery's and connecting the wires.

Install the two battery's with the posts facing outward. 
Connect the J bracket on both sides and mount the hold down bracket.

Next install the smart isolator.
NOTE: The isolator has 3 wires, but the only one used is the black that goes to chassis ground. 

Since I have a ton of accessory wires, I installed a power buss-bar.  Buss-bars help keep the wires somewhat organized and away form the battery terminals where they can cause corrosion.  These are available at various locations.  I found mine at a boat supply house.

Reconnect the evap Purge solenoid.  Note it should be mounted somewhat upright.  I wire tied it to a wire bundle.  The OEM bracket was removed with the battery tray. 

Do a last check to verify that all connectors are connected and the wires are connected properly. 

Here's a final pic of my install. 

The dual battery project was a rewarding experience. I highly recommend this for anyone that has added accessories that require direct battery connectivity. 

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