Saturday, June 9, 2007

N252Q Avionics Upgrades

One of the projects that I recently completed was upgrading the Avionics in my Mooney M20K/252 airplane (N252Q).  I maintain a blog that is solely dedicated to N252Q, but I thought I'd put some of the highlights here.

When I bought 252Q the panel looked like this:

As you can see had good, but a bit dated avionics.  Being the technology nut I am, I couldn't live with circa 1988 avionics.  I had to have the latest and greatest, so I set out to transform N252Q into a Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA).

Fortunately, I am a licensed FAA Aircraft Mechanic and am legally allowed to do this type of work on my own.  And I love challenging projects, so I jumped right in and tore the otherwise perfectly good airplane into a million pieces!

In one afternoon I was at the point of no return...  It took me 8 months to put her back together ;)

After taring her apart the tedious process of putting her back together began:

Here's what she looked like when I was finished: 

If you want more detailed information about this project, visit my blog at  

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