Thursday, December 31, 2009

Installing a 1" TeraFlex Rear Coil Spacers

After installing the ExpeditionOne rear bumper w/tire and carrier, my Jeep started to sag in the rear.  This was expected since I added over 200 LBS back there ;-)  To level it out, I needed to add about 1" of lift to the rear.  I did this by installing TeraFlex 1" Coil Spacers with integrated spring retainers.

The trackbar and suspension is already setup on my Jeep, so I was able to do this project without pulling the entire rear end apart.  I used jacks, stands and coil spring compressors to save me time.  This is basically the same process that would be used if installing a leveling kit. 

The first part of the project is jacking up the Jeep and securing it on stands.  Having a tall jack makes this job easier.  If you can get it high enough, you can do this project without removing the tires.  

Stock Jeep Spacer above coil

After securing the body of the Jeep on jack stands, I kept the axle fully compressed with a jack on the center gear housing (pumpkin).  This helps keep the springs compressed as much as possible making the spring compressing job a bit quicker.  I then installed spring compressors on opposite sides of the spring and slowly tightened them in evenly alternating sides.

NOTE:  It is very important to go slow and keep the sides even.  The springs hold substantial energy and can kill you or significantly damage the Jeep if a compressor slips off or breaks.  

Spring compressor on Coil

Stock coil spacer removed

The next step is to remove the coil from the axle, install the 1" TeraFlex spacer in the stock location and reinstall the coil by slowly releasing tension from the spring compressor on both sides evenly.

I started on the drivers side and then worked to the passenger side.  The only difference is the fuel tank is somewhat in the way on the passenger side, which made it a bit more challenging to compress the spring.

Before spacer height 39"

After TeraFlex 1" Spacer Install - 40"

Spring spacers are the quickest and easiest way to add .5" to 2.75" of lift to a Jeep.  The only thing to be cautious of is shifting the axle to body alignment.  The best way to address axle alignment is by installing adjustable front and rear trackbars.

The final product is just a slightly forward stance (rake).  The front is 1/4" lower than the rear.  I prefer a bit of a rake in the Jeep.  I tow a heavy trailer and it keeps the Jeep level when I load it up in the rear.  It also helps with on-road stability by shifting some of the weight forward on the front wheels.   

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